I met this lady with flair in an interview and instantly connected with her warmth, maturity and experience. Shirley and I met when I interviewed her for a position on my project and appointed her for the bespoke role. I have discovered much more than a project manager but a friend who resonated with me immediately. As we got to know each other, over many cups of coffee, we also connected on a personal level and shared more and more about ourselves. She said she was an unofficial coach to her kids and some friends and I really craved someone to unpack my soul with. As everyone has issues I also had deep things which, if exposed to family, might create more tension than resolution. When she said she was doing her professional coaching certification I was quite keen to be her proxy and volunteered. We met on a Saturday afternoon and unpacked my issues which were quite visible to me but not to anyone else. She brought a dimension of understanding which was so obvious but I did not connect those dots. She showed me the relationship dimension between my father and I was resonating in my personal stresses and resulted in my own discomforts around executive relationships. I was amazed at the realisation that these damaged connections present in my life, spilled over in my professional life and the craving of approval from a father figure impacted the way in which I related to executive figures. This realisation in itself brought so much insight and healing and moved me forward over my fear. It is still a healing process but something I understand and can explain now and have insight to manage going forward. Although it is still early days and Shirley and I will still have sessions going forward it was a massive stepping stone to move forward in my career and to boost my self-confidence. She is an excellent friend and coach. I really appreciate the interaction and hope for a long journey going forward. “The first and best victory is to conquer self.” – Plato

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