Agile NeuroCoaching™

Enablement Interventions:

  • Support the teams, enable the transition for better adoption to Agile.
  • Agile culture and mindset coaching so that the shift in mindset is supported.

Agile Neurocoaching™ has been proven and successful in support of the mindset shift around values, principles and culture refinement:

  • The Agile Coach supported by the NeuroCoach to facilitate and organise culture and motivation building initiatives;
  • The Agile Coach supported by business and process analysts to ensure integration of culture building elements in processes and procedures;
  • Culture awareness sessions facilitated by the NeuroCoach
  • NeuroCoaching to ensure initiatives to reinforce and celebrate desired behaviours and actions do happen in a sustainable fashion;
  • Enhance Emotional Quotient (EQ) by developing resilience and Adaptability Quotient (AQ) in individuals and hence the team;
  • Working alongside each other, an Agile Coach and the NeuroCoach can support the organisational transformation and promote value adding collaboration.

“A company culture that resonates with employees and is tangible in every aspect of its business is more likely to ensure longevity and – that key word we keep coming back to – sustainability.” - John Sanei, author of the book Magnetiize.

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