“Awesome people make awesome companies.”

“A company culture that resonates with employees and is tangible in every aspect of its business is more likely to ensure longevity and – that key word we keep coming back to – sustainability.” – John Sanei, author of the book Magnetiize

Where do we start in your company? At the top? At the bottom? Which department? Every person is important and therefore the start should be in all areas. This will encourage a common language and a common change path for all i.e. the whole organisation. Change must create excitement not uncertainty.

We start with a baseline assessment of the people aspect and then match it to the company strategy. The assessment includes individual profiles e.g. Emotional Quotient, Agility Quotient, Enneagram and any other that needs to be considered. A Role Matrix will be generated specifically for your company. This Role Matrix will determine the skills gap for training and coaching requirements. To accommodate the pace at which people adapt to change, activities can be presented in group or individual format by applying Neuro and mBIT Coaching.

A Phase 1 Plan is then compiled based on priorities and recommendations received during the Assessment Phase. Upon approval and acceptance of the Phase 1 Plan, execution thereof commences. Tracking and monitoring of the plan is done throughout.

Neuro and mBIT Coaching are cutting edge techniques that help individuals and teams achieve at their highest levels and expectations in a short period of time and is sustainable because the neural pathways of the brain change to develop and establish new behaviour. 

“Your personality is the greatest differentiator you have.” Sally Hogshead