“Awesome people make awesome companies.”

 “I feel, therefore I am. Emotion provides essential support to the reasoning process.”  – Antonio Damasio, Neuroscientist.

This is the reality of working with people, we cannot separate our feelings from ourselves in our day to day lives. So how do we harness our emotions to our advantage in every situation?

Neuro and mBIT Coaching is an emerging discipline based on Neuroscience, teaching people to understand and unlock their potential to achieve their goals in all areas of their lives. The premise is that our neural pathways are modifiable in a sustainable fashion, that we are adaptable. How can I discover my potential and then grow it?

If you are “stucking,” coaching will help you identify what you would like to change and/or determine what is holding you back The three main reasons people become stuck is because of unprocessed negative emotions, false beliefs and unnatural fears. We are mostly unaware of the impact these have on our lives until we take the time to do introspection. To change your behaviour, a Coach will be your thought partner, your challenge partner and your accountability partner to take you beyond today.

To be future fit, the most sought after skill by the year 2030 will be social and emotional maturity. To meet this requirement the change should start today by defining where you are at and what changes can be made to be in demand in the economic sector going forward.

Neuro and mBIT Coaching are cutting edge techniques that help individuals and teams achieve at their highest levels and expectations in a short period of time and is sustainable because the neural pathways of the brain change to develop and establish new behaviour.

 “Your personality is the greatest differentiator you have.” Sally Hogshead