“The future is open, we decide what’s in it.” – Wolfgang Sonnenburg

If you could fast forward your life and have a glimpse of the future would you make different decisions today?

Ask yourself the question,
“What influences should I allow to direct my life?”

Neuroscience research has revealed that there is a sustainable way of changing how you think, make decisions, act and behave and Neuro Coaching is one of the keys to you becoming the maestro of your own life.

Maestro – “A distinguished figure in any sphere.” – Oxford Dictionary


Shirley is passionate about the development of children, guiding young people into adulthood and helping people to discover their true authenticity to live fulfilled lives.

She has been coaching, mentoring and consulting since 1990 and has kept abreast of the changing times in the field of coaching and hence her transition in 2017, to the exciting, innovating and inspiring world of NeuroCoaching. NeuroCoaching is unlimited in its applications and she has branched out to become a Strategic Partner with the NeuroBusiness Institute and a certified practitioner of Neuro-Link. These two companies are frontrunners in their fields of expertise and Shirley harnesses this knowledge to empower individuals, companies, and schools.


  • Masteries in Coaching – Neuro Coach Institute
  • Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) – Neuro Coach Institute
  • Certified NAP™ Practitioner – Neuro-Link
  • Certificates in Neuro Coaching – University of Pretoria
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